Dental Health Checks


As a new patient to our practice or a regular patient you will be given a full 'check up' or Dental Health Check.

This takes the form of a 12 point dental check as listed opposite.

At the end of this dental health check we can then discuss our findings and give advice for maintenance or improvement where necessary and provide a treatment plan if treatment is required.

A dental health check for children also includes an assessment of growth patterns and tooth development. We strongly advise seeing children at least every 6 months so we can keep an eye on their dental development and refer for any specialist treatment (for example, orthodontics) at the correct developmental stage if this is necessary.

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12 point dental check

  • Overall Health of the mouth/teeth/gums
  • Any particular problems or concerns
  • Medical Status
  • Lifestyle issues incl Smoking, Alcohol, Stress
  • Family History of Heart problems or gum problems
  • Progress check, including xrays if necessary
  • Any issues with the apperance of the teeth
  • Condition of existing restorations
  • Oral Cancer check
  • Assessment of gum health
  • Assessment of Plaque Control
  • Health of the hidden areas with xrays if necessary.

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