Dental Hygienist


As a practice we focus very much on prevention of dental disease and maintenance of good Oral Health. Our hygienist service is crucial to this service.

Your dental hygienist will assist in maintaining both the health of your teeth and gums by removing hard plaque and designing a personalised homecare routine to keep your mouth free of disease.

Louise Hunter - Dental Surgeon BDS. MFGDP (Newc)

Good Oral Health is directly linked to general wellbeing

Recent research points strongly to a link between Gum disease and Heart Disease. Bacteria from periodontal disease (gum disease) contribute to blood clot formation within coronary arteries by attatching to fatty deposits on a diseased heart.


Poorly controlled Diabetes has been proven to increase the activity of bacteria responsible for gum disease.


If older members of your family have lost teeth through gum disease you may also be at high risk due to inheriting a lower number of bacteria fighting cells.


Not only can arthritis and painful joints in your hands and wrists affect your ability to clean your teeth adequately but you may also notice an increase in bleeding of gums during flare ups of arthritis.


Some medications may be responsible for swelling of the gums.
High risk medications tend to be blood pressure tablets and some epilepsy treatments.
If medication can not be altered through discussion with your GP then your hygienist can help to manage these conditions.