We've provided a list opposite of many of the general questions we are frequently asked concerning teeth and dentistry.

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Louise Hunter & Associates - queries
  • It is important to visit the dentist regularly so that we can help you maintain your dental health and so we can prevent dental disease from developing.

    We recommend that we see children every 6 months to regularly assess development and growth patterns as well as preventing disease.

    For adults the recall period varies according to the individual and each patient will be advised how often they should attend following there dental health check.

  • Children should be brought to the dentist from a very young age.

    This is not so we can sit them in the chair and check their teeth but more so they can see there parents attending and getting there teeth examined. This lets the children know this is a normal thing to do and nothing to worry about.

    Early contact with children also allows us to develop a rappor with children and get to know them a little before they do require their visit dental health check. We would never like to force a child to undergo an examination and we very much allow them to set the pace at which we proceed.

    Most dental phobias arise from childhood experiences and we work very hard with parents and children to ensure they grow up with no reason to fear coming to the dentist.

    We also believe that with the correct advice from an early age no child needs to develop any cavities.

  • A Dental Hygienist is one of the most important services we can offer our patients and it is the best way we can organise to keep our patients healthy.

    Visiting the hygienist will help us provide you with all the correct tools and techniques in order to maintain good dental health and help in preventing dental disease.

    Good Oral health is very closely linked with good general health and lastest research indicates the gum disease and heart disease are very closely linked.

    Please see the Hygienist tab for more information.

  • Gum disease is a mostly symptomless condition and does not cause pain.

    Bleeding gums is an early warning sign of underlying problems and you should not ignore this.

    You should make a hygienist visit so any problem can be assessed and addressed.

  • As part of your 12 point dental health check the inside lining of the mouth, tongue and soft tissues will be examined for any evidence or early warning signs of oral cancer.

  • Any toothbrush that removes all the plaque from all the surfaces of all the teeth will do a great job in maintaining oral health, however as the population are keeping their teeth into later life we are now very aware of ageing and receeding gums.

    Electric toothbrushes are, on the whole, kinder to the gums.

    They have a better brushing action, either rotatory or oscillating and this allows for gentler removal of plaque.

    The better quality electric toothbrushes are also pressure sensitive. They will stop working if too much pressure is applied to the teeth which prevents further damage to the gums.

  • More and more people are becoming more smile aware and smile concious.

    Cosmetic Dentistry is any dental procedure that improves the appearance of the teeth. This can include white fillings, metal free crowns, veneers, high quality dentures, tooth whitening, invisalign clear braces.......the list goes on.

    Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly developing area within dentistry and patients now have a whole host of options available to them to help gain confidence in their smile. However, no such treatment should ever be undertaken without first considering dental health.

    Cosmetic treatment must always be carefully considered and individually assessed.

    Please mention any concerns you have regarding your smile to us when you come in for your dental health check.

  • We currently offer finance through Hitachi Capital on treatments over £500 (subject to terms and conditions). For more information, please call reception on (01661) 835 722 for more information.