Invisalign - the clear alternative to braces

at Louise Hunter & Associates

Having a confident smile can change everything and Invisalign makes the decision easy because you can get a great and healthy smile without most people even noticing you're going through treatment!

We are practitioners of this superbly practical tooth alignment system and will be delighted to assess you to see if it would be suitable for treatment.

How Does It Work?

Individually designed for your needs...
Once we determine that Invisalign is right for you, we will develop a detailed treatment plan from which your bespoke, virtually invisible aligners will be made to order.
Opposite are the steps toward your brand-new smile.

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STEP ONE - Initial consultation

To start with, we will discuss any issues you have with your teeth and what kind of results you're hoping to achieve. If Invisalign is suitable for you, a treatment plan can then be mapped out. We'll take impressions of your teeth and will send these to the Invisalign labs for processing.

How does Invisalign work? - Step1

STEP TWO - Treatment plan

These impressions will be digitised to make a computerized 3D image of your teeth. Then, we'll plan your tooth movements throughout the treatment timeline. You'll be able to see a virtual image of your teeth before, during, and after completion of the Invisalign process so you'll see what your smile should look like when you're treatment is complete.

How does Invisalign work? - Step2

STEP THREE - Bespoke aligners

Once we have agreed the treatment plan, bespoke aligners will be custom-made for you and must be worn for approximately two weeks before switching to the next aligner in the series. The number of aligners varies for each individual - a full treatment typically includes 18-36 aligners for both the upper and lower teeth taking approximately 9-18 months depending on individual cases.

How does Invisalign work? - Step3

STEP FOUR - Treatment process

Aligners should be worn day & night, (except when eating, brushing or flossing) to complete your treatment in the agreed timeline. You'll have checkups every 4-6 weeks to monitor your progress and to receive your next series of aligners. During treatment, you'll notice gradual movement and your teeth will gradually move into an even and healthy smile!

How does Invisalign work? - Step4